wind turbine for home

wind turbine for home | 400w 12/24v

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Quick Overview

400W Wind Turbine Generator

High performance Nylon fibre blades by precision molding injection
Low start-up/cut-in wind speed by unique electro-magnet design
Protect from over-speed by blade aerodynamic elasticity
High efficient and compact alternator With high performance NdFeB permanent magnet
Hybrid controller for wind turbine and solar panel with PWM function
Aluminum housing design for good heat sink ,light weight and tough environment


Wind turbine for home | 400w 12/24v

package include:
1x Wind Turbine Generator
1x turbine hybrid controller (which can connect to solar panel & wind generator , and it auto work with 12V 24V)
400W Wind Turbine for home  Generator


Dimensional Specifications
Fan blade quantity 3
Wind leaf material Carbon fiber composite
Rotor diameter 1.2M
Tower diameter Suggest more than 80 mm
Altitude 4.5M-10M
Fan in the weight 8KG
packing specification 687mm/365mm/210mm


Electrical Specifications:

Rated Power 400w
Nominal Voltage DC12-24V
Service Voltage DC12-24V
Cut-in Wind Speed 2.5m/s
Rated wind speed 10.5m/s
Maximum wind speed 35m/s
Rated Rotate Speed 800r/min
battery capacity 200AH-400AH
Output Voltage(AC) 110-220V
control system Automatic fan dedicated controller
Inverter Pure Sine wave Inverter
Generator style Permanent-magento-phase A.C


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