Eken H9 4k action camera

Eken H9 4k action camera

Product Review for Eken H9 4k action camera


This new action camera is great for the money. Instead of buying a $400 Go pro cam, I would definitely suggest you check out this cheaper action camera that pretty much does the same thing. Introducing the new Eken H9 4k action camera ($80) that comes at a much lower price compared to most action cameras in its category

Wide-Angle 170, stunning Ultra HD 4K video, 12MP photos with Wifi Control, Eken h9 4k, action camera is a new way to view, share, and store your footage. It comes with a 2” screen with 320-by-240 pixel resolutions

Eken h9 4k action camera comes in seven different unique colors for style and design.


Eken H9 4k action camera

Learn to use the Eken H9 4k action camera features


This cam will also allow you to control your H9 remotely with your smartphone or tablet by using the App called The Ez iCam which is a content browser and live viewfinder so you can see what your camera see from your phone or tablet.

There are a lot of useful accessories. You can attach your camera to helmets, gear, and your equipment. Whether you are cycling, swimming or even in a roller coaster, you can always find the perfect accessory to capture the best moment in your life.


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